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Dementia Care

Dementia Care at Donisthorpe Hall

We focus on the person to give them a more fulfilling life

At Donisthorpe we provide care for all stages of Dementia. We have 2 facilities offering EMI residential care for people in the earlier stages of a Dementia related illness and a highly specialised nursing unit for people in the later stages of Dementia.

Our dedicated, compassionate, caring staff are trained in helping our residents and their family members to live with both the good and bad days that go hand-in-hand with memory loss and behavioural changes.

Our teams are trained to value each individual and to recognize their different preferences and needs. We work closely with families and advocates to help us build a clear picture of the person we are caring for, in order to inform and prepare a comprehensive and personalised care plan thus ensuring all needs are met.

We have recently engaged the Bradford Dementia Group, a specialist centre from the University of Bradford, to develop the knowledge and skills of staff to ensure high quality person centred dementia practice on the dementia care unit.

As part of a wider period of development, which includes some environmental changes, all of the staff working on the dementia care unit will receive a thorough foundation level knowledge of person-centred dementia awareness.

The Dementia floor is purpose built to provide a safe and calming environment with the use of lighting, colour and open spaces. The area is decorated with memorabilia of times gone by to stimulate conversations and memories.

There is a full activity programme providing appropriate stimulation together with weekly outings.

Interested in finding out more about Dementia Care at Donisthorpe Hall? Call or email the Admissions Team on 0113 268 4248,