Dalya Will Test Her Memory on Capital Cities of the World

Brodetsky Primary School pupil Dalya Lipman is hoping that her geographical knowledge won’t let her down when she enters the World of Records.

The eleven-year-old will be tested on how many capital cities she can name in a minute.

Multi-talented Dalya, who likes art and playing the violin, is hoping she can beat the world record set by autistic genius Johann Mendes who named 52 cities. Dalya, who has an 8 year-old brother Zak, will give the money she receives from sponsorship to Donisthorpe Hall.

Hooked on the atlas and with a good memory Dalya has been practising for months and will give the record holder a good run for his money.

Dalya Lipman World Record Donisthorpe Hall Fundraising
Dalya Lipman will be attempting to break a world record in aid of Donisthorpe

“I love geography and I want to be a travel journalist when I get older so that I can write about interesting cities all over the world and take lots of photographs,” she said.

Fundraising director Alexandra Myers said: “We are so thrilled that Dalya has chosen to raise money for Donisthorpe Hall whilst attempting to break the world record — that is no mean feat.

“Dalya is another shining example of how young people from our wonderful community are choosing to support our care home and that is very exciting and encouraging.”

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by John Fisher