Donisthorpe biggest loser

So how did I get myself into this, yes I know I need to lose the pounds but a public weigh in? people coming up to me saying “I have put money on you to win”.

Our new CEO Andrew Thornton and I have something in common, as well as drinking green tea we both need to lose about 4 stone so I threw down the challenge that I can lose weight faster than him, of course it snowballed and we now have the local press coming to the public weigh in at reception on Monday. This is the person who puts her fingers in her ears and closes her eyes when she gets weighed at the Docs. There will be no hiding place, no more cheese toasties from the shop for me or Lion bars for him. We are giving ourselves 3 months and people can pay £1 to guess our total weight loss. The nearest guess will receive a fabulous prize! Entry forms available from Donisthorpe reception.

Biggest loser a4