Biggest Loser

A very wise move indeed guys.

I saw you last week Candace, struggling up four flights of stairs with a cream topped pistachio-and-marzipan cupcake in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. Breathless, exhausted and replete — I knew then something had to be done.

What a difference a week makes. Today, sitting perkily at your desk diving into a pot of purple goo which you said tasted dire-licious, and all washed down with a mug of green-tea — that was certainly enough to put you off food forever. Slim pickings indeed.

Will your weight loss and eventual slender silhouettes mean a new wardrobe of clothes for both of you, I ask.

Maybe we should start a vintage clothes shop in Doni — both your slimming efforts might encourage others to follow suit. So think of all the outsize, squeezed-into cast offs we could obtain for the greater good of all. From a batch of losers that could be a real winner.

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