He’s such a smoothie

Spent a lovely morning with Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary) last week when he visited Donisthorpe Hall. We played bingo and made smoothies for the residents. Smoothies went down very well, everyone saying they were delicious. The visit was a great coup for Donisthorpe, Jeremy came to see the innovative SystmOne technology that provides us with a direct link to NHS services for individual residents. This enhances and streamlines the care we provide.

Jeremy also visited the sun room where he was able to relax for a few minutes before returning to Woodlands to serve lunch.

One comment to “He’s such a smoothie”

  1. John Fisher

    Steady on there girl, I haven’t seen that look in your eyes since, well, I don’t know when. Hunt’s definitely making a smoothie but you certainly look like you’re developing a crush. As secretary of the department health I hope he took your temperature. Candace, you look slightly flushed. And I’m also a little concerned about what’s in the mixer.
    What’s going on there — Love Potion Number Nine?
    When he returned home I doubt if he told Lucia about you — what’s next, a spot of Zouk-Lambada, I wonder? Can’t wait for the next edition of The Lancet.


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